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Kids Clothes Week Challenge: Day 1

April 23, 2012

Last night I took on a little exercise in imprecision.  This isn’t like me – I think one of the things I love about sewing is that it’s a way to capitalize on my love of careful measurements and exacting standards.  In short: I love using a well written, made-by-someone-else commercial pattern.  But: it takes me forever to get anything done.  It can take an embarrassingly long time to finish a project when everything has to be perfect.  Some of it is procrastination and life getting in the way, but a lot of it is due to my painstakingly careful approach to things.

So, last night I thought about how liberating it would be to take on a project that took just a couple of hours, start to finish.  And that I could replicate in an even shorter time.  And that’s how I ended up deciding to snag a pair of my middle daughter’s pajama pants, trace them out using Dana’s tutorial on pattern drafting, and see how they sewed up.  I have to admit that I was doubtful at points that it was going to work, and at a couple of points considered throwing the whole thing out and finding a commercial pattern to use, but I’m glad I stuck it out.

Last night I got the pattern drafting, fabric cutting, and basic sewing done (got all four pieces sewn at crotch and sides, skipping the sewing machine and just using my new serger for the seams) in about an hour and a half.  Today, I constructed the elastic casing, tried them on M for size, and finished the hemming in about another hour and a half (would have taken less time except that I was on the phone for a lot of it).

M is a big fan.  Her only request is that I make the next pair in a softer fabric, as this was a cheapy quilting cotton with a bit of stiffness to it… hopefully it’ll soften up with a few washings.  And now her older sister, A, who originally turned down my offer of homemade pj pants, has informed me that she’s changed her mind and feels a little jealous of her little sister.  Success!

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