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Kids Clothes Week Challenge: Day 4

April 26, 2012

I’m dragging a little, and have decided to slow down and focus a little on getting re-inspired.  I’m having a hard time getting myself to cut out the fabric for A’s pj pants, as 1) the last pair was so annoying, and 2) I’m out of elastic in usable sizes, my local sewing supplier is also out of elastic in usable sizes, and I don’t feel like wasting 1/2 an hour or so of my life on driving out to JoAnn to get some.

Since I have nothing to show for today, I’m going to cheat a little and rewind to show off the Huck Finn caps I’ve made for J, one of which I finished on Sunday (and I actually thought I was working on during KCWC, as I was a little confused about the dates, so it’s arguable that it’s not even cheating).  I made five of these hats at Christmastime – two for J and three for gifts.  I felt like an honest-to-God milliner at the time, the way I was whipping these things out.

J’s winter hat was made using a corduroy from his great-grandma’s stash (which I inherited when she passed away), and I had enough fabric left to make a matching one for my nephew.  J got so many compliments on this hat… a woman actually stopped her car and yelled out the window that he was the cutest thing she had ever seen with his hat and duffle coat on.  He is cute, but really I think it was the hat.

Corduroy Huck Finn cap

Since his winter hat was such a hit, I decided on the Saturday before Easter that he needed a spring one.  In a feverish blur, I started one with a light blue seersucker (also from his great-grandma’s stash), realized after an hour or two that there was no way I would ever finish it in time for Easter, and put it aside until this past Sunday, when I finished it.

Spring Huck Finn cap

Overall, this pattern is really very well written and easy to understand.  I picked it up last summer when Mr. Sews and I were on our trip to NYC to celebrate our 10th anniversary (and attend a dear old friend’s Wild-West-themed wedding in Brooklyn), and he wandered the streets of Soho while I wandered the aisles of Purl Soho.  The only really fiddly part of the hat is dealing with the bulk and awkwardness created by sewing over the bill (brim?) of the hat (lesson learned: don’t try to serge over said bulk or you’ll end up with an angry serger and a trip to the sewing machine repair shop).  I’ve now made six of these hats and have yet to sew the sweatband down in the front without a few gathers and puckers, but other than that it’s a very doable project for a somewhat experienced sewer.  Plus, people act really impressed when they find out that you made your kid’s newsy cap.

Also: my secret to getting J to wear it?

Hat MonkeysAirplanes Hat

Put a monkey (or some paper airplanes) on it!

p.s. J is not actually a teddy bear.  But since he’s two, snapping a clear photo of him is kind of like nailing Jell-o to a wall.  The teddy bear was much more willing to sit still for a few minutes.

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