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Um… I’m back. And I finished the kitty.

April 21, 2013

Well, that’s a little embarrassing.

It’s been almost a year since I last dealt with this blog, and I really didn’t mean to give up on it, but a lot has happened: bought a house, sold a house, fixed up a house, moved everything we own from one to the other while the electricians were still cutting holes in every single wall of the house to rewire it, lived through plasterers and painters and bathtub guys, had a baby, etc. It feels wrong to give such a nutshell version of the past year as it has all felt so utterly exhausting and overwhelming (in a good way, but still), but the detailed version would get really boring. So, let’s suffice it to say that when I think over the last year, I want to take a nap, and also that not a lot of sewing has gotten done in this time.

Oh, and yes, we had a baby! Baby K. She’s awesome, and very well-loved. It is hard to imagine a child who receives more affection than this one.

But back to business. Here’s what I’ve made in the last year:

  • 3 panel curtains to fit in the Ikea Kvartal track curtain system that functions as a wall-to-wall closet door in the baby’s new room
  • an eleventh hour welcome-home outfit for her (which matches this outfit)
  • a bucket hat for M since she lost hers on an amusement park ride last summer
  • and I finally finished up Katie Kitty (from the Wee Wonderfuls
    ). Let’s take a look at her:


I started her a year ago as a gift for my niece, and finished her up just in time to give her as a first birthday gift. Yes, I’m that slow. I used the very last of the corduroy from Mr. Sews’ grandma’s stash for her body and scraps from my trip to Purl Soho for the dress. I don’t know that I’m crazy with how her face turned out, but she just needed to get done so there she is.

So, where does that leave us, little blog and me?

I desperately want to start sewing again but I’m Just. So. Tired. Sleep training (really, is such a thing possible? We’re seeing no results… You’d think that by my fourth kid I’d know what I’m doing already), potty training, a house full of kids with colds. I’m making no promises but I hope by at least posting something I’ve broken the spell a bit.

So, let’s end this post with things I’m excited about:

  • The dedicated Kids Clothes Week web site! How cool is this? I am not even considering trying the spring challenge, as I’d be setting myself up for failure, but I’m all over the summer one. And it sounds like this site is going to be really awesome, with pattern reviews and stuff.
  • Summer. School and ballet class over, my older two home for the whole day (hopefully entertaining the younger two…)
  • The Skater dress. Bought the pattern and have taped the pages together, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. I really want to put flutter sleeves on it but I probably ought to start by just following the instructions instead of trying to innovate.
  • This shirt that a friend told me about. This could be a key element of my non-maternity Units wardrobe.
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