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KCW Recap: Surprise, I got something done!

April 27, 2013

So last week I said that I wasn’t even going to attempt to participate in Kids Clothes Week as it would be setting myself up for failure. I won’t lie: this hasn’t been the easiest week. 3 out of 6 of us had a cold, and I was one of them. At the same time, the baby had two teeth coming in and to say that she was having a rough time sleeping is putting it mildly. The hours between 1:30 and 3:30 am in our house have not been pretty, with me coughing and baby K crying.

I found myself stealing away time to sew – not for KCW, but for my sanity. I think the biggest difference between having three kids and having four (at least for me) is that these days, just about every single hour of my waking day is spoken for, filled with the needs/requests/demands of someone under the age of 9. And while I do appreciate feeling needed, the introvert in me sometimes just wants a little room to breathe.

Thanks to some babysitting help from my parents and mother-in-law and some marathon baby naps (hooray for teeth breaking through!), I’ve had it in spades over the past two days.

So, in a few hour-long sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, plus some daytime sewing on Thursday (my older two were off so they played with the baby while I sewed!), I busted out this bad girl:


That’s right, a Skater dress. In crazy soft (modal maybe? no idea what this is made of – I got it cheap on sale at local fabric store during an I-need-to-collect-more-knits phase) purple fabric with green and orange butterflies. I wasn’t sure what to make of this print at first but it’s grown on me. And A loves it – she says she wants to wear it to bed too, it’s so comfortable. I finished it Thursday night, in time for her to wear it to school for dress-down day on Friday. I apparently have her well trained, as anytime anyone complimented her on her dress, she automatically said “thanks, my mom made it” with no prompting from me.

Here’s another picture, this time of her wearing it (see the threads hanging down? This was pre-hem and before I cleaned it up, but the best posed shot I got):


So here are the details. Dress was sized to 5/6 for width and 7/8 for length, and fits her perfectly. The pattern is ridiculously easy to follow with excellent explanations for every step (especially the application of the neck binding). The dress took me a few days of short sewing sessions, but I’ve since made a second one in just a few hours (I cut out the pieces yesterday morning and sewed them up today, all that’s missing is the hem). I want to make about 20 more, it comes together so easily and is so satisfying. Right now I’m just using up fabrics in my stash but I could see making things even more fun with a few carefully selected fabric purchases. Here’s dress #2:


The only thing I did differently from the instructions was that I applied the binding to the sleeves before sewing the side seams, so that I was sewing a straight line instead of a tube. Just a personal preference, but it made it a little easier for me.

All in all: great pattern, great dress, and I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment for having sewn not one, but two new dresses for A this week.

The only downside to is that I’ve had this Avril Lavigne song in my head all week.

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